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Book Review: “On the Road to Find Out”

by Kylie Clark

I’m the type of person that loves fictional books, but will only read them if they include realistic standards and I can relate to the characters in the story. I recently read a book entitled “On the Road to Find Out” written by Rachel Toor. The first paragraph had me hooked right away, and I believe that the first paragraph always shapes the book itself.

It would be smart give you an overview on the book, first, so that’s what I’ll do. Alice Davis, a 17-year-old overachiever, is your typical, teenage brainiac. She’s always bickering with her mother, she has an all-time best friend, and she loves her pet rat. Typical teen! Well, kind of. One of her major dilemmas that follows her throughout the whole book is that she applied to the college of Yale, but got rejected. To Alice, that was the end of her world. Trying to drag herself out of her depressed state, she takes up running on a whim for her New Year’s resolution. Over time, she starts to enjoy running, meets a guy who she develops a crush on, and starts to realize that the most important things in life aren’t the ones that require an application.

My rating for this book is definitely a ten out of ten. Alice is practically an exact copy of me, and she is a very relatable character. The storyline is also very well-written and thought out. This story holds your interest throughout the entire novel, and  it is a must-read for all ages!



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Top 5 Things To Do After School

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Southern Signs With Colleges

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How To Organize After-School Time

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The Boyfriend

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Tongue Twisted

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