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The Development of the Drama Scenes

Drama Classes Perform for the Student Body

by Jessica Datz

If you were here before winter break then you probably saw the scenes performed by the Drama kids. I would say that all of them turned out really well, and we’re proud of them! A lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears went into these scenes. Okay… Maybe not blood… or sweat. But, a few tears did happen, and most certainly, a LOT of time went into them. If I remember correctly they took about two months to be at the point where they could be performed. Two very painful months full of practice and writing. A whole lot of practice. But, we were very proud of our work.

 I can’t really say how the other groups went about developing their scenes for sure, but I think we all pretty much did the same thing. But, because I don’t know for sure, I’ll just tell you about my scene.

 My scene was performed for the 7th graders. We were the “Where Are You Christmas?” scene. Our most ‘famous’ character most likely being Old Man Harold. He did almost hit me in the face with a cane after all… You have no idea how many times that almost happened. If I remember correctly I was hit with the cane once… A least once. I’ll tell you all about that lovely experience later.

 Coming up with the idea.

We had a lot of crazy idea’s that were rejected by Ms. Tabbacchino. So, how did we come up with this idea? We made a spin off of an example given to us on our paper. It was something like “Happy people trying to get someone in the holiday spirit.” So we some how thought of our scene from a lot of idea’s. We all wanted to have Old Man Harold, and our idea was to have carolers get him into the spirit. So where did Margaret the ghost come from? A wizard. No, really. I’m not kidding. For whatever reason we all wanted me to be a wizard, but we had no idea how to make that work. We did try… But our scene became really weird and had nothing to do with the holidays. So, Ms. Tabb pulled us back to our caroling idea. By some miracle full of weird arm wiggling, and an oh so ‘spooky’ voice, Margaret was born.  I can’t really say how we came up with our script, for the most part we were just improvising, writing down what sounded good and feeding eachother ideas. We came up with a bunch of ideas, so we had to ask Ms.Tabb, and she said that we should go with the carolling idea, and we did.

After we performed, we were very sad. We had spent so much time making the scenes, and then in five minutes it was just… Over… But we were proud of our work and knew that you enjoyed it. For the most part, this is how we developed the drama scenes.

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