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2016: Anticipated Movies

2016: Anticipated Movies

by John Mastandrea

Last year in 2015, movie audiences were given some of the most hyped movies in the longest time. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” may have been the most anticipated movie ever, and it was a major success at the box office. So now 2016 is upon us,

and quite a few movies are coming out to look forward to. A LOT of them are comic book movies. Such as “Captain America: Civil War,” “X-Men Apocalypse,” Dr.Strange,” and so on. But this March, what is arguably the most hyped film of this year is coming out. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” There’s a lot of mixed reactions towards this film. After the trailers,  some people can’t wait to see their two favorite superheroes go at it in battle. The other people, such as myself, think it looks like an overblown, heavy action mess. Zac Snyder, the director of such films as “300” and “Watchmen,” is directing, and many people are questioning the choices he’s making for this film. Will it be good or not? We’ll find out on March 25th.

Now other than comic books movies, there’s quite a few hyped films from big name directors. Steven Spielberg is coming out with the adaption of the “BFG” which many readers of the book are looking forward to. Based off the trailer, the movie visually looks a lot like the book, which is what a lot of people like about the film so far. Critically acclaimed director, Martin Scorsese, is coming out with his new film “Silence,” which is a movie he’s been trying to make since the 1990’s! So we’ll see how this long awaited movie turns out. Some other movies by big name directors that are coming out are Jon Favreau’s live action remake of “The Jungle Book,” which a lot of Disney fans and moviegoers alike, can’t wait to see it. The famous Coen Brothers released their film “Hail, Ceaser” this year in February, and sadly, a lot of people were disappointed. They expected much more from the creative minds of these talented filmmakers, but instead, they just got an ok film.

         Here’s some surprising news if you’re a Harry Potter fan. A spin off of the series is coming out, titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” This movie will take place in the 1920’s, and it explores the past of an author who’s written a well known book in the world of witchcraft and wizardry. So defiantly look out for the movie if you’re a fan of the series.




So that was for Harry Potter fans, now if you’re a big fan of the Pixar movies, you might want to hear about this one. “Finding Dory,” the sequel to 2002’s “Finding Nemo.” Not much is known about this film, but it is still surely one of Pixar’s most hyped films. The last movie I’d like to bring up, is the long awaited action sequel, “Jason Bourne.” This is of course the sequel to the popular action franchise known as the Bourne series. The last film came out in 2007, “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and it’s regarded as the best in the series. Trailers have been seen, one was even shown during the Super Bowl, and people all around can’t wait to see Matt Damon return as this iconic action hero.

There’s many other films of 2016 that are coming out, but these films are in my opinion the most hyped. Thank you for reading, hope to see you at the movies!


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